10 Good Reasons To End An Affair When Married & Dating


“Think about your real relationship and the commitment you promised”

Stop briefly for a moment and think about your relationship. How do you feel about it? Married and dating couples are in a relationship that may either typically bring immense pleasure and fulfillment for the both of them or due to pronounced struggle and unmet expectations; it might be a reason of extensive distress and resentment. A strong relationship takes as much work as a job does. When two people are committed, fidelity is a default expectation. However, gunning for excitement in an affair is interference, primarily a tendency to draw back from unpleasant realities through the gratification of unfulfilled expectations. Not desiring to work on it emphasizes the person’s unwillingness to maintain the relationship.

Naturally, there are positive points to having an affair or no one would be committing it. It fills the void of the present relationship – monotony, constant arguments, contempt, and many other factors. When someone feels there is something missing in their relationship, whether emotionally or physically, they will generally complete the circle, making themselves feel totally fulfilled with another individual. To fill this emptiness they can join any genuine married dating sites, like the ones :http://married-dating-guide.com/dating-site-reviews/ mentioned here. These married dating websites can help these unhappy spouses to feel complete and appreciated.

There are various reasons people have extra relationships and these affairs possess factors that make us staggeringly delighted, make us feel fortunate and stirred to be involved in them, or anxious, dismayed, guilty or simply bothered. Keeping in mind that extra relationships are not normal, you can start to consider these 10 good reasons to end a clandestine relationship, for whatever grounds you feel you had to start.

An affair is just a delusion.


“Don’t be delusional, an affair is never a good idea”

Oftentimes, the cheater tends to glorify the extra relationship. Emotionally, an affair feels certainly great. It has fervor, a tinge of risk that perks up a person’s outlook and seems everything is perfect. Nevertheless, an affair is just a delusion. The deplorable aspect of delusion is that no genuine relationship can live up to that perfect reverie you have created with your lover. The more you rivet on how impeccable things were with your affair, the more you put at risk the odds of working things out with your partner. It would be good to quit comparing and interact with your partner on your genuine relationship.

Your partner does not deserve to be cheated.

The main reason why married and dating couples are together is, they have a deeply rooted desire for each other. However, just because after a period of time something has kept you apart emotionally or physically, it does not mean you can start an affair. It simply does not solve the dilemma. You are merely contributing more crap into an already flawed relationship.

Emotional perfidy is more detrimental than physical perfidy.

Office banters and innocent flirting spiral into the coffee breaks together, emailing during office hours, and kind gestures topped with sticky notes. Communication crosses the threshold of special territory and you start to open up personal aspects of your life with this individual. The furtive rapport feels thrilling as you conceal it from your partner and justify that this is not cheating, there is no physical contact, but the emotional intimacy you create with this individual can be more painful to your partner. As you develop a deeper fondness with the person outside your real relationship, your connection to your real partner is increasingly compromised. Bear in mind that the odds of adding carnality in this emotional affair is huge.

Mending and gaining trust will take a lengthy time.

What if your partner found out that you cheated but decided to drop the issue and go on with your relationship? Remember that anniversaries will be the hardest. It’s not actually the day you were officially on or your wedding day – it’s the time when your significant other caught you, the day of confrontation, the moment you decided to end the fling, the time anyone of you moved out and back in. There’s a lot of truth about the saying “it’s easy to forgive but hard to forget.” The inevitable poke at the horrible emotions can make your partner still feel insecure.

Keeping an affair will screw you up financially.


“Never let your pockets go empty”

The growing fondness compels you to buy your lover some gifts, and buy the same things in the parallel universe so as to mask your cheating. Not to mention that you have to buy new clothes and gadgets for yourself, it all adds up fast. Maintaining an affair is not easy, especially if you are not earning megabucks.

Note down the feelings of guilt.

As humans, we have needs and it’s given that some of these needs are not met within our relationship, both when dating and married. However, sometimes it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This emotion can resolve the issues, or it can push you to become a completely different person that has no happiness and contentment in life.

It will cause pain to the people around you.


“Think about the people around you and their feelings”

Affairs are not always diverting as you intend it to be. It may appear thrilling and gratifying, and you might have established no guilt feelings, but remember that things can inevitably go wrong. Conversations may leak out, disputes might ignite, and your betrayal can take its toll on the people around you — friends, family, and co-workers.

The secret affair is already the talk of the town.

More people may know that you are involved in an extra relationship than you might realize. Could you bear the thought that some of them conceivably talked your partner out and instigated ideas, thus, the controlling approach? Your partner could be hanging out with a lot of people and God knows what they can suggest – perhaps, cheating as a revenge?

The excitement will eventually end.

The passion and intimacy you feel for a lover are always going to sound sexier, inspiring, and pleasurable, generally because it is a new sensation whereas the feeling with your long-term partner has fallen into much familiarity level. After all those sneaky moves with your affair, you will become so spent trying to juggle two different lives and hiding secrets, and then you’ll realize there is a satisfying and secure feeling with your long-term partner that an outside lover can’t fulfill.

You still do not feel appreciated.


“If you don’t fell appreciated, then there is no point of continuing the relationship”

So you think resorting to having an affair can uplift your spirits and sustain your needs? You could have run into a wrong person or it’s about time you examine yourself extensively. You are the only one who can discern how you will be or will not be treated. Perhaps treating others aside from your partner the way you wanted to be treated might gratify your desires. This is a good reason to end an affair, after you have sweated out everything to address the issues and nothing has changed.

Every married and dating relationship is unique and every affair is bizarre. The dating and married people has different needs they long to be fulfilled when it comes to affairs. Hence, it will be best to weigh your situation to decide on whether it’s worth risking your current relationship and continue edging towards a cloak-and-dagger intimacy with another person. You are the sole adjudicator who has the final say on how far the enticements go. Not all people in the same circumstance will have the similar consequence. So remember, you need to be the one to decide and control what you really want to happen in your life.

Can having An Affair Actually Save Your Marriage? Some Say Yes!


“Save your marriage”

In recent studies that were conducted, it was noted that having an affair can help save your marriage and for some people, it has. For some people this has been a myth, but there are reported cases in which a marriage was truly patched up after an affair. If your marriage is in shambles and you on the brink of divorce, an affair could in fact help keep you in a marriage that is otherwise a failure. So how can having an affair save your marriage? Let’s take a brief look.

Helps Understand What Is Missing

Ever felt like something was missing from your marriage? If you are one of the millions who have answered “yes”, then you know your marriage is headed towards murky waters. When you first start realizing that something is missing from your marriage, it is undoubtedly a thought that randomly occurs. Unless you’re a psychologist or a trained professional, you really don’t know what your marriage is lacking unless you conduct an exploration.

Affairs usually provides an outlet for a person to figure out what is missing from the marriage. You don’t know how to find what you lack unless you have someone to compare your spouse with. Getting involved with someone outside of your marriage helps you gain an insight as to what is preventing you from being truly happy with your spouse. In good cases, these are traits that can be fixed. However, if there is no end in sight, an affair only helped you realize that a divorce is truly inevitable.

Helps Tolerate The Pitfalls Of A Spouse


“Know the pitfalls of each other”

Some people refer to marriage as a “ball and chain”. In some ways, it is true. You are forced to give up a piece of yourself to make a marriage work, and in some cases, it is just not enough. You don’t really know who you’re marrying until you have been together for years, and even then, surprises can easily occur. Affairs not only help you understand what’s missing from your spouse, but they also help you tolerate your spouse by seeking out top cheating websites.

People who are in a lonely or even abusive relationship want to feel loved, appreciated, and doted upon. The only way to feel that is if someone else is there to pick up the pieces of a bad marriage. Much like when you run to a friend after your feelings get hurt, an affair can help you keep your mind off of how bad your marriage truly is. For an evening or a day you feel important to someone else and even if it doesn’t last, it kept your bad marriage going.

Helps You Understand Your Needs


“Understand the needs”

It is amazing how many people enter a marriage, but they themselves don’t really know what they want out of life. When you enter a marriage, you are in a way forced to give up a piece of yourself and don’t really have the chance to evolve as a human being. The people who suffer from a sense of self loss are the ones who seek solace from an affair. Affairs help you get in contact with someone you are not married to or otherwise would have never met.

Having an affair with someone entirely different from your spouse gives you the ability to discover aspects of your own personality that you never knew existed. For example, if you end up sleeping with an artist, you may discover a hidden talent for art. People we meet throughout our lives often provide us a way to get to know ourselves on a higher and even deeper level.

You Can Realize Your Spouse Is Great


“Realize that your spouse is great”

It is not unheard of to have an affair with someone who is ultimately worse than your spouse. There are many cheater dating websites, some of them are mentioned here at cheater-dating-guide.com. The cheater dating sites can help you find someone with an exact opposite personality to your spouse, but sometimes a choice can backfire. If you have ever thought that being married is bad, having an affair with someone narcissistic and unworthy can make you realize your spouse is quite great. The only way you can expect to feel content in a marriage is if you know you married “one of the good ones”.

Most people who don’t realize how great their spouse is don’t have a lot of dating experience or ended up getting married at a young age. Meeting your significant other in high school is great, but in some ways it limits your worldly experience. In some cases, it also leads to an affair.

An Affair Can Rekindle The Romance

Being a lover requires experience much like anything else in life, and top cheating websites can help. You can’t be good in bed or pleasing as a spouse unless you have the experience to back it all up. Some people who enter affairs are novices as lovers, but come out of the affair with all the more experience. Marriage can often tie you down and leave you to experiment with only your spouse. An affair can broaden your horizons and also helps you rekindle romance in methods you may not have thought of.

Having an affair doesn’t necessarily mean that you love your husband or wife any less. It can just mean that you’re bored or the romance is just not there and needs to be reawakened. An affair is an outlet for married couples to experiment out of the marriage and help to realize that they are still meant to be with one another.

Affairs Can Even The Playing Ground

Having an affair is the perfect revenge in some marriages. If your spouse has cheated first, but you never got it out of your system, it can help you settle down and even the playing field afterwards. If your spouse was first to cheat, you feel like an ultimate failure and you feel that your spouse has gotten the upper hand in your marriage. By choosing to go ahead and have an affair yourself, you are evening out the blame. Neither party has the right to complain. Neither can truly blame the other.

This is a method many marriages rely on. Meanwhile, from an ethical or even religious standpoint it is frowned upon, it is human nature to want to get even. You don’t want to remain in a marriage where only one of you wants to stay married or only one of you has cheated. Experience a short-lived affair to even the playing field and then you can both sit down to talk about what happens next. From that point on, you can either choose to get a divorce or start fresh as you both have gotten cheated out of the system.

Cheating is human nature and no one ever wants to feel tied down. Getting married is one of the numerous ways that people are forced to endure safe and sometimes lonely lives. There are top cheating websites all over the world helping folks start affairs and with good reason too. This article has discussed how your relationship can be salvaged with an affair. It may not work for everyone, but perhaps it can work for you! At the end of the day, all you really need to do is discover why you got married in the first place and whether or not you and your spouse are still on the same page.

How to make a relationship work without losing yourself

There are certain things that must be kept in mind when in a relationship. It is important to preserve a sense of self and ensure that the one you are dating truly is The One.

how to make a relationship work

Love is not bought but earned.

Do not seek Approval

Stop trying to gain everyone’s approval. Don’t sit and wait for your partner to approve of your actions. You are not a little child and you do not need to seek approval for all that you do. You must learn to be your own master and be happy with the things you do and not feel guilty about it. It is an unequal relationship if your partner is strong and independent of your approval while you seek his or hers. This is a very unattractive quality. Don’t wait for a yes or no from others but just from yourself.

Stop approving in order to receive it

Don’t start approving things that you really do not like or understand as means of impressing your partner. Do not get swayed by such logic just because you find him or her highly attractive and impressive. Learn to say no if there are things you don’t really approve. Do not approve anything that you do not understand. Stop idealizing the partner in hopes of receiving the same treatment from him or her.

High Status

High Status will not result in a successful relationship- People often confuse love as being a barter system where if the partner offers everything he or she possess then the relationship will be a successful one. Love is not bought but earned. So stop believing in exchanging your high status for love. In stead develop a rich personality which will go a long way. People find a good personality the most attractive feature after the physical attraction wears off.

Do not glorify relationships

Don’t live in some idealized fantasy where your relationship is perfect. Life is not perfect. Everyone has flaws both big and small. We fall for a person for all the wrong reasons like money, sex or power. Once we are in a relationship do we really see the all the flaws. This is why it is best to be aware from before hand what you are getting into so that later on it does not end in heartache. Grasp the concept that relationships are flawed and needs constant work. Don’t glorify it, then and lie to yourself.

Resolving Conflicts in Teams

Being a member of a team at the office can be exciting and challenging, this is because you would have to work with different people. Some people are easy to work with and some people are very difficult to work with. Leaving issues unresolved can lead to a long term negative effect. When working on conflict resolution, it is important that you value every member of the team. If conflict resolution doesn’t happen fast, there will be a decline in the team’s effectiveness. There are specific conflict resolution techniques to help resolve conflicts within a team.

Pay Attention

You need to know that every member of the team have their own point of view on the conflict. The best way that you can resolve conflict is to pay attention to members of the team. You need to ensure that you ask each member individually about the conflict – this way, no one will influence someone else’s point of view.

Face the Issue

It is always better to choose to face the conflict issue and not run away from it. For instance, if the problem involves just two members of the team; you will need to confront the two of them at the same time. But if one person caused the conflict, then that individual will need to be confronted about his or her involvement in the conflict. If the person is at fault, ensure that you utilize constructive criticism.

Solve the Problem

You should ask every member of the team to write out what they suggest should happen in order to resolve a conflict. Read out the suggestions out loud and then have the team take a vote on the very best suggestion – the majority rules. Doing this will help members of the team feel that they have a strong part to play in the conflict resolution.

Make a Compromise

This will involve coming to a joint agreement that is acceptable to the two parties. According to experts, it is better to utilize compromise when the two parties can’t resolve the issue.

Be Sure to Encourage the Team

There is no doubt that bad feeling may reflect on each team member when a conflict starts. You should make the strengths of each team known to the whole team in order to effectively encourage camaraderie and uphold the team’s integrity as a whole.

It is important that you rebuild a team that has already been broken by conflict.


Top Tips to Resolve Conflicts Peacefully and Quickly

501-conflictBelieve it or not, you will have to work with people who are quite difficult and there is a strong chance that you will get into an argument or fights with them. The question is, how will be able to resolve conflicts with such people peacefully and quickly?

If you find yourself working with someone who has a reputation for being an “ANGRY or DIFFICULT” person; you need to understand that angry people are people who just want to be heard. These people want to be loved, listened to and valued. They just have difficulties expressing themselves and may want to take out their frustrations out on you.

Here are tips to help you resolve conflicts peacefully and quickly:

Be Calm
Do not say anything! The storm should be allowed to run its course. Most times, an angry person just wants to irritate you. Arguing will only raise barriers and it is not effective.

Allow the Other Person to Do All the Talking
The person would soon grow tired of talking. Most times, the angry or difficult person just wants to feel important and want to be heard. Yes, every person wants to feel important, but some people express theirs in a counterproductive way.

You Should Genuinely Take the Other Person’s Point of View into Consideration
You should put yourself in the other person’s shoes. You should not say that “you are wrong”. As a matter of fact, you should look for areas where you agree with them and build on them.

You need to know that there is a lot of power in words. “Okay, I understand you are saying. So, you actually meant that….”
This will show the other person that you are listening to him or her. That is all they generally require – to be validated. When you agree with them, you slowly break down their anger.

Put a stop to a situation that is turning into a verbally abusive one! You should calmly but firmly state “you are extremely angry right now and you are saying things that you do not mean. I am excusing myself. After you have calmed down, we can talk again.” Then walk out of the room or you can ask him or her to leave.

Most importantly, if you are wrong, you should not hesitate admit your error and take responsibility. This will not only diffuse the situation, it would also earn you the respect of the other person.

The Differences Between MS Surface Editions

The differences between MS surface editions can be based on capabilities and network processes; there are two known versions of this device which are pro and RT 8. Both of these multi-powered devices were launched in a celebrated event at LA. They are unique in functions as we will discuss below. Moreover internal operation systems of the components are special, and built to meet with the user’s specific needs.

These RT MS systems have NVIDIA with Tegra ARM microchips, they allow for equal distribution of power for common tasks like browsing the web, or chatting with family and friends through social media. The display unit is of 10.6” and has been rated as a ClearType HD version with amazing resolution potential of roughly 720HD. But the real tablet has battery power potential of 31.5W; other contemporary attributes of the product are pre-installed Windows RT system plus a Student RT 2013 model. When it comes to disk space, it’s already been highlighted that there would be two unique versions which are either the 64GB or 32GB versions.

Windows 8 Surface Pro takes things a notch higher in matters of computing potential, apart from NVIDIA Processors the system also has partner Intel attributes. Some of which have an additional Intel Core generator, it’s able to process most information that’s channeled towards it without any setbacks. For CPU support, Pro MS has an effective 42Wh cell system with additional USB cables for high powered installations. There are so many apps that could be downloaded in this specific category; some are absolutely free while others you would have to buy.

Microsoft Surface tablet computer with keyboard cover

Microsoft Surface tablet computer with keyboard cover

Web browsing experience has been enhanced with this new product and downloads are much faster, this is a system that you surely need to have with you. It’s portable plus cheap enough to be accessed even by the simplest of pockets. Apart from these radical interior designs, the product also has programmable rollout software for all incoming calls.

The system is particularly designed to operate on low-range processors which are similar to tablets, codes available may further be customized to suit users’ specific needs. Many tablets have low range power processors popularly referred to as the ARMs, they fine-tune programs therefore making your applications easier to use and activate.

Each system’s operating structure is constructed around some central code popularly referred to as kernel. They are specifically optimized to incorporate special hardware effects found in no other unit, MS surface editions also operate on low range potential but with massive memory optimization potential. Also included is a holistic feature set working with a vast set of desktop icons, both of default type and those fixed by the owner. Emphasis has also been placed on features such as continuous operations, and also a stop to frequent hibernation processes.

Microsoft's Surface tablet doesn't run on Windows 8; it runs on Windows RT.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet doesn’t run on Windows 8; it runs on Windows RT.

Due to the differences involved in processor systems, users can also be able to integrate Adobe Photoshop which may overtax certain ARM processors. Also available is some unique software commonly referred to as Metro Style app system, nevertheless you need to learn how to use then so as to benefit.

Should You Consider Using Online Dating To Find Love?

The quest for finding love has survived past ages and has advanced as technology progressed. In this new era where almost anything is possible people are looking at another means to find that one true love – online dating. However, it still is a debatable argument all over the world.

Let us examine a few points to help you decide if you should consider online dating to find love or not.

  1. AvailabilityOnline dating has become popular because they offer a very wide variety of choices for people seeking a good-lasting relationship. Most likely, people marry with someone from the community or country they grew up in. Maybe someone from school or from work, with the same nationality and race. With online dating, the options are countless. You can choose from Asians, Americans, Russians, Africans, Mexicans and more! You can also get to pick someone who exactly meets up with your requirements – type of hair, height, educational attainment, line of work, religious affiliation, hobby and even the color of the eyes. Name it and you got it.

    online-dating-relationship expert There used to be a time

    online-dating-relationship expert There used to be a time

  2. ConvenienceSome people are just too busy to get on a real date. If you are too busy getting wealthy, online dating is for you. You get to work on your career and love life at the same time with your own convenient time. No getting all dressed up and paying for fancy restaurants for dates. It is convenient and cost-efficient.

  3. Low success rates. There are indeed stories of boy meets girl on the internet, they fell in love and got married. But these very lucky cases are as rare as diamonds nowadays. Most women who sign up for online dating are from third world countries who are trying to find a foreign husband to take them out of their country and save them from poverty and most men who sign up for this type of dating are old men who can’t get a date in real life or those men who just want some foreign girl to do cybersex with them– this is a sad but true fact. That is why it is very difficult to build trust and develop love online. They must a really lucky and blessed couple to have ended up happily ever after.

    Thinking of cyber sex? Check out the dangers of sex via internet

    Thinking of cyber sex? Check out the dangers of sex via internet

  4. Den of liars. – We can’t blame them. It is the internet after all. You cannot go call the cops for someone who made you believe that they love you and ask you to send money or do cybersex with them and then vanish. This is the bad sad of the internet. It is very rare to find a real-to-goodness honest person you can trust. And if you are considering trying online dating, you should also be ready for the countless liars, gold-diggers and opportunists you will encounter. Not to mention quite a few times you will get your heart broken by them.

In every situation, there are pros and cons. You just have to be a better judge and weigh them properly. Nobody can be 100% sure about anything. Failure is part of life and only you can lead your life to that one true love. 

Your first loan: tips to get approved

The only criteria for lenders, be it a bank or a private lender, is whether you will repay back on time and the risk factors involved in lending you the money. If you are planning on taking your first ever loan and want to know how to get it approved without any hassle, read on.

If you are looking for a bank loan, the key factors you must consider are an active bank account and a good credit history. Apart from this, there are certain other ways you can show the bank that you are not a risky customer.

You approach any finance company or bank through two channels namely the relationship manager appointed to handle your loan account and your application. Giving the right information on the application can be a huge plus point. You have a greater chance of driving home the finer aspects and strengths of your profile through the relationship manager.

Usually, the process involves passing on the information your provide to be aggregated into a credit proposal. The risk management team assesses the proposal before giving approval. Based on your interactions with the relationship manager and on how effectively you have showcased your strengths to him or her, your chances of approval will increase. Better information is definitely an asset as far as influencing the judgement of the lenders is concerned.

Stick to the loan application format and provide all necessary information. Double check the form before you submit as any incomplete information will only prolong the process of approval. Many factors go into an easy credit proposal approval.

Your first loan:get approved

Your first loan:get approved


Your biggest asset is your bank statement. The bank’s assessment of whether or not you will be able to repay the loan depends on factors such as proportion of your expenses and stability of your income. Choose your most active bank account and provide the statements. Make a note of the non-recurring expenses in the statement and show them to your relationship manager.

It is a good idea pointing out other businesses you are capable of giving the bank such as savings accounts, fixed deposits, lockers, child accounts and insurance policies. Competition is tough today and financial institutions and banks are always on the lookout for long-term customers to whom they can cross-sell their other products.

Loan approval is faster for customers who are considered to be low-risk. In order to get your first loan approved quickly, mention details such as your spouse is employed and has a regular income, you are living in an owned apartment and you have never defaulted on repayments. Also mention facts such as your social standing is good and your parent’s credit history is clear.

Customer Communications are Changing, Don’t be Left Behind

Customer Communications are Changing, Don’t be Left Behind


Ensure that you highlight the fact that you do not have any existing loans if you are debt-free. Approval will certainly be faster if you have never borrowed before. It will also work in your favour if you have completed any previous loans without default and do not have any existing loans. 

Loans: What Are The Best 3 Loan Types For Students

Need to get a student loan? Of course for someone who doesn’t have enough money to sustain their studies. There are students loan that allows you to study first before paying your obligations to them. Thus, it always pay in the need if you take some time thinking things over before you finally decide of what program to apply. There are student loans that won’t require your parents to sign and can grant your loan faster. However, be careful with this kind of program because you don’t know the risk of having business with them.

Actually, the general student loans offer you the greatest type of loans for students among any other types that you know. They provide student with the bets terms with fair enough conditions. Parents must provide their financial information before the loan will be granted. The parent’s financial details are needed in the Federal Student Aid Free Application.

From there you can choose among the three student loans intended for undergraduates. Each of the programs has their own perks which gives you a better option which among the three is a lot better and suitable for your needs. so, in order for you to decide better, given here below are the details of each loan which can really help you decide which is which.

Perkins loans allow you to borrow as much as $5,500 in a year. What’s good about this program is the fact that they won’t charge you any interest while you are still in school and your obligations to pay will not commence unless you are still in school. Moreover, they will give you time allowance of six months after your graduation before you finally start paying them with the 5% interest. In addition to this, if however you work in any public office like you work as a teacher, police officer, or public servant there is a big possibility that they will just dissolve your loan payment obligations to them.

AES Student Loan Consolidation

AES Student Loan Consolidation

Another student loan is the subsidized Stafford loan. For first year student they can borrow the amount of $3500; second year of $4500; and third year together with the fourth year can borrow as much as $5500. With this loan, government allows those students that are financially incapacitated. For those who are asking about the cost, well, there is about 1% fee whenever the loan is granted. Just like with the Perkins loans, the program won’t require you to pay while in school. However once you finally graduated or you decided to drop out or quit schooling your obligations will start with the charge of 6.8% interest in a year. The payments will start six months right after you have graduated from college and while during the grace period of six months you can apply for an income based repayment. This is to make sure that payments won’t go higher than 15% of your income.

There are many types of loans out there today

There are many types of loans out there today

Lastly is the unsubsidized Stafford loan. With this program, those students who need money more than the subsidized amount can now borrow with an additional amount of $2000 in a year. For freshmen students they can borrow $5500; sophomore $6500; and for junior and senior students they can borrow the amount of $7500.

Top 3 TV Shows on My Choice List

Stressed from work? Broke up with a lover? Stop moping, turn on the TV and get ready for some entertainment. Television shows are a great way for you to find reprieve after a demanding day in school or at work. So why don’t you sit back, relax and watch TV shows? Below are some of the US TV shows that I personally recommend.

How I Met Your Mother

If you’re looking for some laugh trip, you’ll absolutely enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), an American comedy series aired on CBS. The sitcom has been running for almost eight years having debuted on September, 2005. The title says it all- the show is about how Ted, the main character, met his kids’ mother. How I Met Your Mother is considered to be a phenomenal US TV series after reaping positive feedbacks from its viewers the whole time the show was aired. HIMYM had also been nominated an Emmy award seven times and out of which, six were bagged. Due to public demand, the show had premiered its ninth season December last year (2012). This means that we still can continue the mirth that HIMYM brings to our homes every time.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

True Blood

I was in my senior year in college when True Blood, an HBO TV show, has made its debut. There are several good reasons why I love watching True Blood but it’s mainly because I’m a sucker for vampire stories. True Blood, like the other vampire TV shows, is also based on a bestselling book by Charlaine Harris. The TV show is set in Bon Temps, a fictional small town, nestled in the south (Louisiana) where vampires coexisted with humans and feed on a synthetic blood called “Tru Blood” created by Japanese scientists. Vampires were no longer a social stigma and they started coming out of their coffins because they do not anymore feed on humans. Watch True Blood and join Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) as she continues to unravel supernatural truths in small town Bon Temps.

True Blood

True Blood

Grey’s Anatomy

Being in the medical field has probably also propelled me to develop passion watching Grey’s Anatomy. I love Grey’s Anatomy because its characters are superbly portrayed, as if they were real-life surgeons. Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey, the lead character), however, confessed that she also wanted to be a surgeon in real life. Ellen’s passion for the sterile field could have contributed to the massive success of the TV show. To date, Grey’s Anatomy is still aired on ABC for its ninth season.

There are countless other TV shows that I love watching but the above mentioned are specifically my top 3 favorite. It’s always fun watching them, at least I get to be stress-free temporarily.